Tree hurt the outdoor compressor

The neighbors across the street were cutting down trees last Saturday. I thought the whole project seemed way too big to try to do alone. Still, the neighbors were outside with chainsaws, working to cut down some fairly big oak trees. My husband and I went about our business and didn’t worry about the problem. Around dinner time, we heard a loud crash  in the backyard. We headed outside and found a big tree branch in our pool and on our patio. The tree branch was so heavy, that it had completely destroyed our outdoor cooling system condenser. The tree fell straight down in the middle of the cooling unit, and we could not get the cooling system to function after that. My husband walked over to the neighbor to discuss the problem.  We then had to contact an emergency HVAC contractor to replace the outdoor cooling component. My husband told the neighbors that they would need to pay for the replacement. I expected that  we might have to take them to court. I was certain that the homeowners insurance would cover the damages. When I tried to get the insurance info from they refused to supply me with it. It cost us a great deal of money to replace our outdoor condenser, and it was certainly no fault of our own. All we paid more to have a metal cage installed around the cooling system unit. That will protect us from other trees and damage in the yard. During the summer season, we often experience high winds and bad thunderstorms.

A/C professional