My outdoor unit blew away

The neighbors next door were cutting down trees last Sunday. I thought their project seemed pretty challenging to try to do alone. The neighbors were outside with chainsaws, attempting to chop down some very big oak trees. My wife and I went about our own tasks & didn’t think any more about the neighbors. Around lunch time, we heard a super loud crashing sound in the backyard. We hurried outside & saw a big tree branch in our pool & on our patio. The tree branch was so thick and long that it had completely demolished our outdoor air conditioning condenser. The tree fell right down on top of the air conditioning system, and we were unable to  get the air conditioning system to run again after that. My wife walked over to speak with the neighbors & exchanged some words. We had to contact an HVAC contractor to upgrade the outdoor air conditioning component. My wife told the neighbors that they would have to pay for the replacement component and installation.   We were worried that we  might have to take them to court. I was certain that their homeowners insurance would cover their mistake. When I asked for the cards, they wouldn’t  supply me with insurance information. It cost us a significant amount of money to replace the  outdoor condenser, & it was due to no fault of our own. Both of us decided to pay extra to install  a metal cage over the air conditioning unit to protect it from further harm. During the summertime, we often have wind storms that knock down branches.

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