My indoor air handler is ruined

The neighbors along the backside of the house were cutting down trees last weekend. I suspected that the whole project was too much for them to try to do alone. Still, the neighbors were working with chainsaws, trying to chop down some fairly big maple trees. My husband and  I went about our regular day, and didn’t worry much more about their actions. AT dinner time, we heard a scary loud crashing sound in the backyard. We both ran outside and saw a gigantic tree branch lying across our yard and on our patio. The tree branch was so lengthy, that it had completely destroyed my outdoor a/c condenser. The tree dropped onto the middle of the a/c unit, and after that, we could not get the equipment running again. My husband headed over to the neighbors to hear what happened.  I went inside to contact an HVAC contractor for emergency air conditioner repairs.  We needed to completely replace the outdoor a/c unit. My husband explained to the neighbors that we expected them to pay the damages.   I had a suspicion that we might have to take them to court. I was confident that the homeowners insurance would cover the cost of a new compressor for the air conditioner.  When I requested their cards, they refused to supply me with their insurance information. It cost us a significant amount of money to totally replace the outdoor condenser, and it was in no way our fault. We also paid more to install  a protective metal cage around the a/c unit. That will protect us from further problems with trees falling in the yard. During the spring and Summer months, we sometimes have severe thunder and wind storms.

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