Watching bands and wishing for AC

After graduating from school,  my best friend as well as I got a motel on the beach as well as planned on a day of sun as well as good times.  The motel was nearby the boardwalk, the people I was with and I could see the sand from the window, as well as listen to the surf as it came in.  My friend and I wanted to see some bands after graduating.  I had no clue who most of them were, as well as I didn’t care.  I sat on my chair as well as yawned from the heat, as well as longed for the air conditioner in our little motel room.  Someone talked to me about being bored as well as I nodded, then looked up as she chuckled.  My friend and I spent most of our time going from concert to concert. We saw a ton of awesome bands that summer. I don’t remember most of the bands or it I liked them or not. What is funny is the biggest thing I remember is the A/C in our small motel. The motel was run down and horrible, but I loved going back to that cooling system. My friend and I would be in the hot sun all day to then enjoy the welcome relief of A/C in our room. It was so awesome to be near an air conditioner after being in the sun for hours on end. So while seeing all the bands was great, it has me more thankful for quality A/C. Now when I go anywhere on the road, I look for good cooling.

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