Watching a parade and missing AC in room

After graduation, my best friend Lola as well as I booked a motel on the sand as well as planned on a month of sun as well as fun.  The motel was right by the busy streets, so both of us could see the beach from our bedroom window, as well as hear the waves as they all came crashing in.  Lola and I were also present when a big time parade began.  All of the local bands from the area were putting on a free concert right on the boardwalk.  I talked Lola into going and watching the whole parade. I had no idea who most of the musicians were, as well as I didn’t care.  I sat on my chair as well as stayed in the heat, as well as thought about the a/c in our little motel room.  Lola whispered to me about being bored as well as I nodded. I was desperate to finish the parade however, even if the heat was getting to me. So Lola and I stayed in the heat rather than our AC filled room. When we got back to the room, we both realized the mistake. The parade was not worth what happened to us. We both were bright red and in pain. We cuddled up by our small air conditioner in the room and stayed there. The rest of the trip we were out of commission. Because of one parade, Lola and I literally could not go anywhere unless there was cooling involved.

A/C tune up