. Sunburned on trip and staying in AC

After graduation,  my best buddy Stella and I booked a motel on the beach and planned on a weekend filled with sun and fun.  The motel was right by the busy street, every one of us could see the beach from our room, and hear the surf as it washed up in.  The two of us were also present when some of the vendors came in.  All of the newest vendors came in and set up on the boardwalk.  I talked to the woman of her store and she talked to me and we talked prices on her stuff.  I had no clue on what I wanted, and I didn’t care.  I for a nice tote and yawned from the heat, and yearned for the air conditioning in our little motel room.  Stella whispered to myself about being bored and I nodded,she laughing at me. She told me I could not handle the sun and shopping. So I decided to show her and we stayed out in the sunshine all day long. I ended up being super red and practically ran to our cooling system. I needed alcohol and AC really bad by the end of the night. The air conditioner felt so nice on my hot skin that I literally stayed in my same position. The next morning I was not able to leave the room due to being so burned. I was stuck in the AC filled room due to being a little too excited on day one. That will teach me to show Stella anything.

air conditioning system