Sunburned at a concert-hiding in AC

After graduation, my best buddy Carl as well as I booked a hotel right near the beach as well as planned on a month of sun as well as fun. We planed to see a ton of rock concerts that Summer. The motel was right by the boardwalk, so Carl and I could see the beach from the window, as well as hear the waves as it came in.  Carl and I were also present when some of the biggest bands of the Summer began to play.  All of the best bands from The United Kingdom were putting on a good concert on the boardwalk.  I talked to Carl while most of the bands were playing.  I had no clue who most of them were, as well as I didn’t mind either way. I was just there to hear the great music.  I sat on my bin as well as yawned from the heat, as well as I was really missing the air conditioning in our little motel room.  Carl and I spent hours and hours in the hot sun listening to music with no shade and AC. That evening, my friend Carl was miserable and sunburned with me.  He wanted to be close to the air conditioning as well as just lay on the bed for hours at a time. The next morning Carl and I were so sunburned that we had to miss the next day of the concert due to our burns. We had to literally hide in shade and cooling for most of the trip because of the sun exposure.