A week to remember.

After graduation,  my best friend and I booked a motel on the beach and planned on a week of sun and fun.  The motel was right by the boardwalk, we could see the beach from the window, and hear the surf as it came in.  We were also present when the British invasion began.  All of the newest bands from England were putting on a free concert on the boardwalk.  I talked to Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits and he kissed my cheek and I was hugged by someone else.  I had no idea who most of them were, and I didn’t care.  I sat on my bag and yawned from the heat, and yearned for the air conditioning in our little motel room.  Someone whispered to me about being bored and I nodded, then looked up as he chuckled.  There stood Mick Jaggar of the Rolling Stones, and he was laughing at me.  He nudged me over on the bench and we chatted for a bit, until he heard his name being called.  “It was fun, Love.”  He said as he walked away.  That evening, my girlfriend was angry with me.  She wanted to be close and get autographs and I was boring.  I turned up the air conditioner and laid on the bed, reaching into my bag as she continued to yell.  “Here.”  I shoved a picture of the Stones with “It was fun, Love”  written across the bottom, under her nose.  I then showed her all the other pictures that Mick Jaggar had given to me.  There was one from every band and every member had signed them personally.  On the back, Mick had written, “Enjoy the air conditioning.” and left us backstage tickets for the real concert.  

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