Tornado cooling system

Last year my family relocated to the mid-west.  We used to live on the coast but decided that we had one to many evacuations due to the threat of hurricanes.  Living where these powerful storms pound the coast just became too much.  Now, we live where the air is drier, the sun is shining much of the year, and life is good.  The only downside to the place is that we must keep anything that is outside secured at all times.  Not because of crime but because at any given moment, a thunderstorm or tornado can pop up.  The sky can be blue and within a few hours, a fast moving storm will blow through, and then it is gone again. We have to perform “search and rescue” missions all the time for trash cans, toys, or even patio furniture.  One such storm came through last month and it was a bad one.  A tornado touched down less than a mile away and we thought we would lose our roof.  Fortunately, that was intact but our air handler unit from our HVAC system was not.  The storm was so powerful that it ripped it right off the house.  Once the storm died down and it was safe to go outside, I led the l search party to recover our displaced property. After sweeping the full neighborhood, we managed to find it several houses down, in the bottom of a ditch.  It was a total loss.  I called the HVAC dealer and arranged for a technician to come out and replace it the following week.  I am hoping that they have a different way of attaching it so this doesn’t happen again.  

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