How HVAC maintenance helps

Ninety percent of air conditioner and furnace repairs usually result from dust buildup. Even when they are sitting idle, contaminants will get inside and settle on the inner workings. An accumulation of dust, pollen, mold, and dirt causes friction in moving parts and blocks necessary airflow. This forces the HVAC equipment to fight to reach and maintain thermostat functions. Longer run times results in more abrasion on the equipment, as well as far greater energy consumption. The air conditioner and furnace are far more prone to malfunction, won’t last as long, and will certainly cost even more to operate. There is also the prospect of polluted indoor air quality. One half of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by issues with air quality. Children and seniors are more susceptible to polluted air, such as when they have allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections. Symptoms of allergies have been directly associated with fungi and bacteria concealed with HVAC air duct systems. Hiring an HVAC professional to inspect and clean the heating and cooling system a smart idea. Regular maintenance enhances the health and comfort of the house, while promoting greater energy productivity from HVAC equipment. The service should be performed in both the fall and spring, to prepare the air conditioner and furnace for the coming season. Any problems, such as worn or broken parts, is usually addressed, preventing a sudden malfunction down the road. The HVAC system will operate more reliably, last longer, and maintain superior temperature control. Professional protection also fulfills manufacturer’s warranty prerequisites, ensuring that sudden repairs would be covered.

HVAC tune up