Heating system at the lecture

My worst class in college is French! I have struggled all semester with it and now we are at Midterms. I need a 92 or better just to pass the class.  The last thing I want is to have to retake the class next year. I have spent three days studying and I think I know every verb and just about every noun. On the final night before the examination, I passed out early and didn’t get nearly enough time the next morning for my last minute review. I showed up the following morning and waited with my fellow classmates.  When we realized the door was locked, we thought it was strange because normally the professor was there early. Our professor showed up several minutes later and informed us of what he thought was, unfortunate news, he told us that the Midterm was being rescheduled.  I thought that is was the best news ever because it would allow me more study time.  Apparently,  the HVAC system was broken and the classroom  was already up to 85 degrees by the them they had shut it down.  The entire building was turned off while they fixed the problem. Our midterm was rescheduled for  two different test dates. They ended up being random draws, but I enjoyed having two extra days to study. I was so happy when the results of the test were posted and I scored a 97.  I will be able to get my foreign language credit and never have to take another one. I don’t understand why it is a requirement anyway when my degree will be in civil engineering.   

heating system