Energy savings with HVAC

When I installed my HVAC system, I hoped to significantly enhance the comfort in my house. Unfortunately, because the furnace and air conditioner maintained the same temperature all through our home, I had some problems. My kitchen tends to heat up in the afternoons because the large windows allow in a substantial amount of sunlight. My bedroom is typically much colder than other rooms in the house. With only a single thermostat located in the living room, the furnace and air conditioner keep that one room perfectly comfortable, while all of the other rooms in the house are either slightly cold or overheated. Plus, I was paying to condition a living area, when no one is in that room. When I complained to my HVAC contractor, he suggested that I upgrade my system to zone control. With the installation of a series of valves and thermostats, I am now able to control the temperature independently within each room. This not only allows personalized comfort, but I am never many steps away from a thermostat. In the middle of the night, when my bedroom is not quite warm enough, I don’t need to walk all the way to the downstairs to access that one thermostat. Plus, I have wifi connectivity with the thermostats, so I can change settings to our various thermostats from my touch screen phone or laptop. It’s super simple and very convenient. I’ve also managed to significantly decrease my monthly heating and cooling costs, which has helped recover the cost of installing zone control. Adding zoning to my present HVAC system has cut our utility costs by approximately thirty percent.

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