Sitting in AC filled car watching road crew workers

Well it is that time of year, pothole season. Over the cold months, potholes pop up and up all over the roads. We spend a whole Winter making the holes worse and trying to dodge them. As soon as the weather turns hot, out come the road crews. That means I have to budget more time driving to work since they slow me up. I also plan on a lot of sitting around in my car waiting for my turn to go through the construction. I always feel bad when I am just sitting there waiting and watching them work. It is usually on days that are over 100 degrees. The workers are usually blazing hot black top and are out in the hot sun. I simply sit in my car with quality air conditioning. I even have my windows down for a bit of breeze and run the air conditioner. I am that casual in my cooling, I don’t even try to conserve the AC. The road workers have no air conditioning or even shade. I also always have a bottle of ice cold water next to me in the cupholder. Without any AC, I bet they get super thirsty. I never see them stop to drink either. So they are hot and dehydrated. There is usually a few workers who are just standing around too. I always want to offer them a spot in my car. While I am waiting and they are waiting, we can all sit in temperature control. They could get to feel some air conditioning and take a sip of my water.

heating and cooling