Sick and wishing for smart thermostat

A few years ago, I got sicker than I have been in a long time. I couldn’t move from my bed, and I was throwing up constantly. I lived in a cheap apartment and all I had was window unit air conditioner and space heaters. I felt like I was getting up at least once or twice a day to switch off the air conditioner and switch on the space heaters. We were in the month of March so the weather outside was fairly mild and I don’t think that I even had the air conditioner turned on. I used to turn the space heaters on at night to sleep, but I barely needed them. But while I was sick, the window unit air conditioner and the space heaters became my new best friends. Now I live in my own home with a nice HVAC system. No more space heaters for me. My HVAC system came with a smart thermostat so that I can switch the thermostat and turn the fan on and off from my phone. I got sick earlier this year, and I laughed to myself when I switched from heating to cooling on my phone instead of having to get up. My HVAC company is reliable and friendly, but my system runs so efficiently I rarely have to contact them. The one time in the past two years I have had to, they came by the next day and fixed the problem free of charge as I was still under the warranty. The technicians are really nice and I’m so glad I don’t have to live cheaply anymore.

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