Installing ductless HVAC

Our back bedroom is always too cold or too hot, depending on the season.  I use the back bedroom as an office and sometimes the temperature is too extreme to be able to work comfortably.  Finally, I had enough and decided to call a local HVAC business to explore my options.  The first suggestion they made sounded like the best so I went with it.  I decided to install a ductless HVAC unit in my back bedroom.  The ductless HVAC unit utilizes an electric outlet, a small hole on the exterior wall, and a wall-mount in order to work.  Not wanting to botch the installation, I hired the HVAC company to install the ductless HVAC for me.  I was impressed with how quick and easy the installation was for the HVAC technician.  He was in and out of my home in just over an hour, and did a terrific job.  There was very little mess he made while installing the ductless HVAC, and he even stuck around to show me how to use it.  The ductless HVAC uses a remote control to operate; making adjusting the temperature to aid in my comfort a breeze.  The ductless HVAC is sleek and works wonders on the temperature in my back bedroom.  It is very quiet and usually goes unnoticed when I adjust the settings.  In fact, a friend was over the other day and had to sleep in my back bedroom because our usual guest bedroom was being painted.  At first she commented on how cold the room was but as soon as I picked up the remote to the ductless HVAC unit, she was intrigued by the whole thing.  My friend played around with the ductless HVAC for a little bit before declaring she was going to purchase and install one in her master bedroom.  Now that I’m hooked on using my ductless HVAC, I am getting others hooked on it as well.     

ductless mini split