Drunk and trying to clean AC but only ruining it

I always feel super ambitious when I am drunk. I usually feel that is the time for me to meet new people, try new things and make a joke of myself. I am a total mess when I drink one too many. The last time I got drunk I really messed up. I had a really great night, did not get into any fights and came back home to bed. Before I made it to my bed I saw my air conditioner. I had been meaning to attempt cleaning the cooling system. I read somewhere that dirty HVAC is the main factor for inferior air quality. So, while hammered, I decided that was the time to improve my indoor air quality. I grabbed a rag and some cleaning solution and went to work. I scrubbed the fan blades super hard to get rid of the dust. I replaced the refrigerant or coolant, whatever the liquid was. I also dusted the entire inner workings of my air conditioner. I felt so proud of myself for being productive while drunk. I patted myself on the back and went to bed. The next morning,   hungover, I inspected my handywork. I totally destroyed my air conditioner. My fan blades were super warped from my excessive scrubbing. I literally shredding my air filter that I washed too. I called a HVAC technician first thing to inspect my damage. I ended up having to buy a completely new fan, air conditioning filter and AC service for the device. I have taken a break from going out and drinking for awhile.

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