Choosing the best air filter

I have been a lifelong sufferer of allergies.  While seasonal allergies are a given, I am also allergic to pet dander and dust. Needless to say, I do my absolute best to keep my in-home environment as allergy friendly as possible.  When I moved into a new apartment I was concerned because the tenant before me had a cat.  While all pet dander can aggravate my allergies, cat dander is the absolute worst.  Immediately upon moving in, I contacted an HVAC contractor to schedule an appointment to have my air ducts cleaned and HVAC air intake inspected.  The last thing I wanted was to keep sucking in allergens and blowing them out into my apartment.  Once the HVAC appointment arrived, the HVAC technician quickly got to work cleaning my air ducts, inspecting the air intake, and changing the filter.  I told the HVAC technician upon her arrival that I was highly allergic to pet dander and would need the highest quality air filter available.  It would have been very easy for the HVAC technician to give me the most expensive air filter but instead she brought in three different filters and explained them all to me.  Each filter was a slightly different quality and price, but all were ideal for maintaining a relatively allergen-free apartment.  Once I settled on a particular air filter, the HVAC technician installed it and I asked to purchase a six month supply of them, just so I would not forget to replace the air filter.  Within a few days of the HVAC appointment, I noticed the air in my apartment felt cleaner and my allergy symptoms had almost completely diminished.  I am so grateful for the honest and caring HVAC professionals at my local HVAC business.   

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