Air filter help

Were you aware that there is more than one type of air filter? Most HVAC systems use an air conditioning filter in the device. What the environment filter does is catch dust before it gets into the heater or air conditioner. If ever the dust goes in the HVAC equipment, it will overheat and cause problems. The air conditioning filter is super important and isn’t that much money. Certain air filter systems require more care than others too. So check out your HVAC unit and see which furnace or air filter is in there. Is it a simple washable filter? These filters can go 90 days. Each month take the filter out and wash in between the coil fins. You can make it happen three times in three months, and then you need a new one. But not every filter can be washed. You might just ruin your filter if you happen to get it wet. Some of the filters must be taken out and easily wiped, kind of like your laundry’s dust trap. These will be ruined once they are washed. HVAC filters can also be determined by how small the holes will be in them. Smaller holes catch more dust and keep your air quality cleaner. However, they must be cleaned or replaced more often. These are usually called HEPA filters. They are the best for your indoor air quality, but again they are harder to maintain. If you let your filter get too dusty, it ruins your air quality and could ruin the HVAC system.

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