Furnace and animals

When I was growing up in a rural area there wasn’t much around to keep our mom occupied. She hated the small town  atmosphere and became bored with the lifestyle. She began pursuing an interest of hers, raising puppies, to keep busy plus earn the family some extra money to repair our home. We had a purebred black lab, Sara, who was actually sweet and intelligent, plus she turned out to be a great mom.  The puppies were adorable when they were born; a mix of yellow plus black pups, all huddled together in a big pile to keep warm. Puppies have intense heating needs for the first couple of  weeks of their lives, and require an external temperature much higher than people are accustomed to living in. Normally my mother and I had litters of puppies over the winter season, so there was chilly weather to fend against.  We had a brand new Heating and A/C unit  in the house that our dad was seriously happy about because of the low energy costs.  Not wanting to turn up our entire house’s thermostat and  add extra wear and tear on the central heating,  my dad  instead purchased a heat lamp for the puppies. The red glowing lamp hung over their cage and gave an extra source of warmth, while the rest of us could stay comfortable in the rest of the house with our usual heat settings! It was upsetting  to say goodbye when my mother and I old the puppies, but they did help to pay for our family’s modern heating plus cooling system.