Running a practice

My sister Jenny and I recently made the momentous decision to train for a half marathon. The half marathon we chose is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, so we will to work off our turkey dinners before we actually eat them! The good thing about choosing November to run in is that it will be at cold that day. I much prefer to run when it is cold outside! Unfortunately, we have to train for the half marathon for a month or two before actually running it. I thought that it would be easier to train at the gym, where I could run in the air conditioning. This worked out decently, but honestly, by the end of running five, ten, or thirteen and one-tenth miles, it does not matter whether the air conditioning is blasting or not. I am still exhausted and sweaty and overheated! Running outside does not give me the benefit of A/C, but at least I have fresh air constantly circulating! Unfortunately, when I run outside, I cannot really bring water with me, and then I am dehydrated by the end of my run, plus sweaty and exhausted. I really hope that the race goes well. I know that it will be really cold that morning, but hopefully, I can finish at my goal time and then go home, take a long, hot shower, dress in my comfiest clothes, and relax in the heater for the rest of the day. The heater is going to feel so good after all of that running in the freezing cold.

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