I’ve been practicing a lot

My sister Margie and I recently made the decision to train for a marathon. The half marathon the people I was with and I chose, is always busy for Thanksgiving Day. The people I was with and I will to work off our holiday turkey,running all day long. The nice thing about choosing this time of the year, is that it will be at cold in the morning. I prefer running, when it is cold outside! Unfortunately, the people I was with and I have to train, before running it. I thought it would be easier to train at a gym, where I could run the a/c. This worked out, but honestly, by the end of running all those miles, it does not matter whether the a/c is blasting or not. At the end, I am still sleepy, hot, and ready for a nap! Running outside does not give myself and others the benefit of a/c, but we do have fresh air typically circulating! When I run outside, I can’t take water with me, and then I am additionally dehydrated, toward the end of our run, while being warm and sleepy. I hope that our race goes well. I recognize that it will be cold, but hopefully, I can finish at our goal time! Afterwards, we go home, take a long hot shower, dress in our warm clothes, and relax in the gas furnace for the rest of the day. The gas furnace is going to be a must, after running all day in the cold weather.