I need even temperatures

I am a concert facilities manager at a big regional theater. In my role, it is important to take into consideration the patrons’ necessities. We feature live performances in addition to movie screenings. We also coordinate fundraisers and similar events for our place. It is vital to the success of our theater that we look into the needs of our practitioners. These needs range from the lighting in the place before shows and the amount and variety of refreshments available during the breaks. Anything directly based on the operation and efficiency of the theater is vital. Heating and cooling has been and always will be major to us. The comfort of our patrons is of large importance. If patrons are too chilly or too warm, adjustments ought to be made to the thermostat, or simply to our building’s HVAC accessories. We are rigorous when it comes to regular heating and cooling maintenance. The theater simply cannot afford HVAC equipment that malfunctions during any sort of day. One year, the air conditioner broke down halfway through the screening of a really popular show. This is a four hour long opera. Certainly, most of the audience left at intermission, and the remainder went to sleep. Since then, we have paid great attention to much of our HVAC gear. We also have an indicator outside of our rear office. That way, if patrons experience an event where they are uncomfortable as a consequence of temperature, they can let us know and we can easily adjust the thermostat for the following time.

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