HVAC tune-ups and how they work

Our town was in desperate need of a sauna. The closest sauna was a state over. I like going at least one time a month and just relax. Unfortunately, it just became very costly to keep driving that far to relax. It was defeating the aim of going to relax if I’d to worry about the funds I was spending. After quite some time I became so sick of it, that I decided to do something about it. I had been saving as much money as I can, I have enough for a down payment on a small house. The house I have now is nice, but needed to rent it out and buy a new one. But this idea may just be just as good. I could build a nice sauna in the neighborhood and charge people to come to it. I went ahead with the idea. I spent a lot of my savings for the down payment for the financial loan. The biggest setback though was the HVAC unit. According to our state code, I needed to have an industrial sized heating and cooling equipment. The HVAC company that came up charged me a fortune to even consider the area. They told me I will have to get an HVAC zone control for the whole facility. It would be capable to keep different places at different temperature, also while operating together with the system. It took about a year to complete, but I could not be happier. The business is running well and I’ve got unlimited access to a wonderful sauna. I do have to have a monthly HVAC tune-up to guarantee I am following state code. The air conditioners and furnaces inside the building tend to fail sometimes. These are things I wish I had known before getting involved.