Shutting down the HVAC unit

I have a neighbor named Steve. Steve likes to call himself “Chef Steve,” although he actually shouldn’t do that because he is not actually a real chef! He is a simple guy who loves to eat a great amount. He thoroughly enjoys eating so much, that he has become interested in cooking the exact food he eats! Over time he’s become great at cooking. However, he taught himself and has no formal certification from a respected culinary school. Unfortunately, Steve has been charging people for cooking lessons at his own school for years now. His students are unaware that they are being scammed. Steve refuses to spend any money on designing and installing professional cooling equipment into his cooking school. It’s always around 85 degrees in his building. Also, it’s extremely humid inside The amount of thick moisture within the air is almost unbearable. Most of his students have to attend classes wearing their swimming trunks and mesh tank-top shirts. Otherwise, they would pass out from heat exhaustion. I am an NATE-certified Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier. I asked to design and install a fantastic cooling plan into his cooking school. I offered him a discounted rate because we were old friends. Instead, he chose a very cheap, inefficient window-mounted AC unit along with some box fans. He thinks that they will create usual air circulation and reduce the humidity in his university. I know that he is completely wrong. I wish he would just take Heating, Ventilation, and A/C seriously for once. I am thrilled that Steve has a great business, but you can’t teach cooking in a overheated room without your usual cooling system setup.