Finally shutting down the system

I have a close friend named Tyler. Tyler likes to call himself “Chef Tyler,” however he really shouldn’t do that at all. He is not entirely a chef! Tyler is just a guy who adores eating. He loves eating so much, that he became intrigued in cooking all of the food he normally eats. Through lots of practice, he became really great at cooking. However, Tyler taught himself. He has absolutely no formal degree from a university or culinary school Unfortunately, he has been charging several people for cooking lessons at his house for a couple months now. These people are unaware of his intentions. For starters, he refuses to spend a penny to design & install a brand new air conditioning system within his home. It is always around 79 degrees in that house. It is also extremely humid in there. The amount of moisture within the air is unbearable. Most of his students have to attend his cooking classes wearing their swimsuits & tank-top shirts. Otherwise, they would pass out from heat exhaustion. I am a NATE-certified Heating & Air Conditioning professional. I asked to design & install the correct cooling equipment into his home. I told Tyler that I would supply him with a discounted rate because we are close friends. Unfortunately, he chose to use some cheap, inefficient box A/C units with portable fans. Tyler thinks these will create a good air flow and circulation in order to reduce the humidity in his home. I know that he is wrong. I wish Tyler would take Heating & Air Conditioning seriously this time. I am thrilled for his cooking success! However, you can’t teach cooking lessons in a humid home without a decent air conditioner.

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