We have a great thermostat in the bathroom

The new hospital just recently opened up in our town, and I have heard that the accommodations are absolutely wonderful. A coworker of mine was recently pregnant, and she decided to go into the new hospital in order to have her baby. I thought it was a risky chance, because no one that we knew had use that hospital, but you know what you going to do. She said the birthing rooms had come with their very own heating and A/C system. I couldn’t believe it, because I had been to that hospital before it was renovated, and the heating and A/C settings were some of the worst. I thought about the fact that she could be telling me a ruse, but I decided that it was likely the truth. I went over to the new hospital just to look around, but I secretly wanted to see about the heating and A/C settings. The moment I watch the doors, I was met with the wonderful cool A/C. It felt great as it brushed past my face, and I knew that I was going to be very upset with the great heating and A/C settings. They wouldn’t let me on the floors, because I wasn’t there to visit anybody. They even looked at me strangely, when I said that I was only there to check out the heating and A/C system. A few security guards started watching me for a little while, until I finally exited the building. I don’t know about the heating system, but the A/C system was definitely top-notch in that building.

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Putting in the newest thermostat

My best friend just delivered a baby in the hospital. It was a crazy day, but one of the coolest things that I have witnessed. The little girl was born about 6 p.m. in the evening. The two of us spent 6 hours with her and the labor delivery room, in addition to the fact that she was in pain most of the time. She did the best that she could, in addition to the fact that I know she was going to be a super fantastic mom. I remember that the staff in the hospital was extremely friendly, because they always checked on my bestie to make sure that she was fine. The room was extremely comfortable as well. I stayed with my bestie in the hospital, in addition to the fact that I was there overnight. Her hospital room was Private, in addition to the fact that she could control her very own heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C settings. It was absolutely wonderful, because the room was much better. My hubby was surprised by the accommodations in my besties room, because I had a baby about 8 months ago. The heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C system in my hospital room was not nearly as nice as this one. My bestie had left out, because she happened to have a very wonderful heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C system. She even had a remote control, so that she could change the temperature to whatever she wanted in her own room. I’m glad she had it so good!


This hospital needs a commercial air conditioner

My friend’s child having to be born in the 8th floor of the main hospital. It was a cool thing to be a part of, because my friend had spent nearly 20 hours in labor. Most of it is a blur for her, but I definitely remember everything very clear. I heard a small little cry, plus got to hold the little guy in my arms. The staff at the hospital was amazing, plus they treated my friend with Comfort plus dignity. The room in which all of us stayed was exactly comfortable. The inside was never tepid or chili. Well my friend was recuperating, she had complete control over the air conditioning plus heating system. The air conditioner could be set to whichever temperature she preferred, because each room had their very own individual thermostats. She didn’t adjust the temperature very often, because it seemed like the hospital had their very own heating plus A/C thermostat. Every single day, when all of us would come and visit, all she did was talk about the heating plus A/C settings in her room. She eventually became completely consumed with the heating plus A/C system, plus decided to ask the hospital staff about the person who did the installations. She thought for sure that she was going to go home, plus have the same heating plus A/C system set up in her own home. Sure enough, the moment that my friend arrived back home, she made an appointment with the local heating plus A/C contractor. She seriously wanted to duplicate the same system as the hospital.

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Where is the thermostat

My own daughter happened to be born on the 5th floor of our local hospital. I remember that day vividly, because it was the best afternoon of my entire life. She was born around 4 in the afternoon, as well as I had spent almost 12 hours in labor. Most of it is a complete blur. A lot of things that I remember where this staff being amazingly friendly, as well as the comfort of the room was great. The hospital room seem to be the exact temperature, as it was not to tepid at any time. The air conditioning system was always set to a wonderful temperature, as well as the room even had a thermostat control unit. The people I was with as well as myself could easily adjust our own cooling system. It was an amazing feature for the hospital room to have. Would they control over my own HVAC settings, it occurred to me how sizable the electric bill must be. I never complained, because the HVAC control was wonderful. On the very last afternoon of my stay, I decided to see how low I could turn the HVAC system. I said the HVAC unit on 64 degrees, as well as waited to see what would happen. The room continued to grow colder as well as colder, and so I thought for sure that I would have hypothermia. My nurse came into the room to make sure that everyone was okay, because I guess they can see the temperature reading in everyone’s room. The people I was with as well as myself felt foolish.

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Boiler cutting down the space

I operate a judo studio that is in the basement of a motel business. The studio is relatively small, but it is adequate for what I need. I have installed mats over the floor so that students can stretch and ground fight safely. There are support poles that are actually great for judo techniques. My students hang onto the poles for balance while practice their kicks and skills. I also have sufficient room for all the pads, safety gear and blasters that I need. I wish the area was just a bit larger. The problem is that the boiler system is implemented in the basement. The boiler  unit is located in the corner of the our judo studio. The heater takes up a large amount of space that would be valuable for me to have. I sometimes visualize how much larger my studio would be without the boiler there. It is bigger than a standard oven. I imagine how I could utilize that extra space. I could have more students in the classes and make more money. But, relocating the boiler is not possible. The motel businesses relies on a boiler because it is such a  powerful, clean and efficient form of heating. The boiler heats a huge space quickly and evenly. The boiler also serves as a water heater, and for a motel, that is helpful. I researched the lifespan of a boiler. I was hoping the boiler was on its last legs.   I learned that they can work upwards of thirty years, with proper maintenance. People only replace a boiler because there are no more replacement parts available. Isn’t that disappointing? So I am forced to get by with the boiler system in my studio.

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Saving money with my thermostat

I live in the northeastern part of the country, and  we experience distinct  seasons.  Our weather swings between temperatures well below zero and vicious heat plus humidity.  We confront piles of snow, torrential downpours, high winds, and even sleet.  For most of the year, we are forced to operate some type of HVAC to maintain a comfortable home.  My new home is outfitted with a forced air gas furnace and central cooling system, which I alternate between for around ten out of twelve months.  The Springtime and fall seasons are super challenging, because the temperature fluctuates severely throughout the day.  In the early morning and at night, it is not unusual to rely on the help of the gas furnace.  In the afternoon, the weather tends to warm up to the point where we either open windows or take advantage of the a/c to cool things off.  Repeatedly adjusting the thermostat s not only inconvenient but leads to a tremendous amount of energy waste.  Since our heating and cooling costs are already far too extravagant, I do everything possible to trim energy use.  I recently called an HVAC business to install a smart thermostat in the home.  I now have access to the HVAC unit via an app on my computer.  I can increase or lower temperature, switch between heating and cooling, or adjust the fan speed from anywhere I happen to be.  Plus, the thermostat offers  energy saving tips and also tracks our energy usage.  It helps to me to manage the HVAC system more wisely, save some money, and keep the new home more comfy year round.

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Dirty ductless AC

My buddy Fallon plus I both reside in an apartment complex. The price of living is super high however Fallon plus I get a lot of high-priced items with it. Fallon and I get free garbage removal, cleaning service plus there is a sauna. My number one thing we get is the fitness center with the complex. Fallon plus I go everyday to the fitness center. I really like it when I can run on the treadmill, grab some weights or even get a workout in with Fallon. The fitness center is genuinely a good one plus new looking. There are crucial windows that let in the light however that does not affect the climate control. The fitness center has a decent wall mounted air handler for a ductless mini split. The ductless mini split cooling equipment is a nice cooling plan. I never think I am overheated or even too chilled. The climate control is set just what you need it to be. The concern that I was having was that after a workout, I would feel genuinely sick. I would have watery eyes plus an itchy throat. I even would sneeze a lot. At first I thought I was not taking in a lot of water, but then I had seen it was the cooling system. The ductless mini split had some super dirty air vents on it. The A/C then would then pull through that dirty air vent plus pollute the indoor air conditions. Then I working out plus breathing more than usual. So I kept inhaling in more of those harmful bacteria particles than usual.


Had to create own air conditioner

My cooling device was out over the 4th of July holiday. Having any HVAC repair company come out to even look at it on a major holiday would have cost me too much money. So I was thankful that I was able to spend the majority of the weekend at eat outs plus lunch dates, however the few hours I had to stay at my lake apartment were annoying plus irritating. I had an old window unit in my backyard garage that I was able to make use of in the kitchen so I could make the dishes for the cookouts comfortably. Then for the family room, I used an plan I found on the internet. I filled an important cooler with ice plus cut a hole in the upper portion of it. I then set up a box fan on top of the hole plus tightened it in. It drew cold air from the ice plus then the air was pushed into the room. It worked superb in tandem with the moving fan. The room remained nice plus cool. The only problem was that this hole in it created a little wet puddle near the cooler where the water droplets were around. That was repaired by a pattern of towels for a day or so. At last, the Heating plus A/C repair company I normally use was able to lend out a repair tech out on Sunday. The concern was not serious plus he was able to repair it abruptly plus fairly cheaply.

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AC tipped on its side

I then decided that I needed some major renovations done at my house. When my boyfriend Lyle and I purchased the locale over 5 years ago and things just needed to be changed over. Because it’s an older place to stay, both of us never had the option to put in a central air system and never entirely wished to do that. In order to keep cool in the summertime both of us simply used window cooling units in the kitchens, after all, as long as it was cold while both of us were trying to go to bed both of us were alright with the condition.  Because of all the dusty air quality that would be in the house during the renovation my Lyle decided to store the window units out in the barn. We asked our buddy George and his wife to carry them out there and put them up in the loft.  Georg and his wife did so and Lyle and I never thought once more about it although looking back it would have been great if either of us would have.  George and his wife took them out and took them up to the beach house but they slanted them on their sides.  Almost a month later when Lyle and I decided to go out to get them and saw that they had been kneeling that way for such a long time my boyfriend and I knew that there would be a problem.  The coolant within the Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C system had all gotten to the one side  this made it not able to turn on.

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Using car AC for child

When my son Trent was born 19 years ago Trent was born in the middle of February.  I remember bringing my son back to the cabin in the middle of a snowstorm  although my son didn’t seem to mind the cold.  That was good because I was able to use up my maternity leave at our cabin with my son while the snowy weather was around, but as Summertime approached getting my boy to fall asleep became harder and much more difficult. Trent was legitimately annoyed as the temperatures came to be higher outside. We tried putting a fan next to my son’s crib but it didn’t seem to soothe my boy. Rent would lie awake for a long time sobbing and want to be carried around which only made my son warmer and more annoyed. It was as though Trent thought me holding him would make things all cooler. My hubby came up with a brilliant plan on one single day to take my son for a drive in the car and turn on the air-conditioning. As my hubby and I didn’t have air conditioning in our cabin it kind of made sense. Trent was asleep within 13 minutes of driving around in the car and my boy was cool and comfortable. We spent a lot on gasoline for the car that hot season but it was worth it.   Once Trent was sound asleep it was self-explanatory to get him back into the house and back in his crib with a fan next to him.  

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