Wanted air cooling

Back when my roommate and I were looking for apartments, there was one feature that we especially wanted – ceiling fans. It was actually rather hard to find this feature, especially because we first thought they were a set design feature in every apartment. Knowing how extremely high the temperatures climb in the summer, it seems odd that local apartment complexes wouldn’t stock their units with as many cooling devices as possible, even if it does cost a little more money. It’s clearly a necessity. Even when the air conditioner is on full blast, or even if it’s seriously cold outside and we welcomed the warmth of the heater, I still like to have my ceiling fan on at night while I sleep. I don’t know why or how, but I tend to overheat like crazy while I’m asleep. Unless the HVAC system is set to 70 or lower, and I have a fan on, I will always wake up sweaty, or with moist sheets that indicate I had been sweating at some point during the night. I will never fully understand my body chemistry and why I’m only hot while I’m asleep. All I can say is, I’m glad we finally found an apartment complex that made sure their units contained fans in all of the bedrooms. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever survived a night without one!

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AC on the flight

My last flight on a plane was far different than what I expected. Let me start by saying that I love plane rides. I bring a book, sweatshirt, and my headphones. I sit in my little seat and allow myself to enter a nice, peaceful zone. I basically keep to myself. In every past flight I’ve had, I have always been cold. That was why I am always sure to wear pants and hoodies into the airport in preparation for the flight itself. Of course, the airports themselves are usually freezing as well, but that’s another story. Anyway, the most recent flight I went on was shocking, but in a good way. The flight wasn’t cold at all! Actually, the cabin was more on the warm side. I was excited. I tucked my hoodie away under my seat, excited by the fact that I actually wouldn’t need it. I’m always comfortable on planes because I come prepared, but it was nice to find comfort without any extra help from my usual set of outerwear. I enjoyed the flight reading a good chunk of my book and listening to all of my favorite songs. I was thankful for the A/C on that flight, or rather the lack thereof. Hopefully future flights will be a little more like that last one, although I’ll still bring my sweatshirt with me just in case. It’s a nice occasion to be greeted by a normal temperature on a plane, but it’s a rare one nonetheless.

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Listen to the bees

The bees in my backyard help me figure out what to do throughout any given week. I try to meet up with them for conferences at least twice a week. I let them know about my plans and what I expect the week to bring and they give me some pretty darn solid advice. Most of my major successful business deals were all thanks to the buzzing of the bees. Obviously they can’t speak like people do, but once you figure out the different tones and pitches at which they buzz, it’s easy to interpret from there. Each bee actually has the intellectual capacity of a human child… so imagine that times 500… lots of wisdom there! However, when they recommended a new HVAC system a few weeks back, I was a bit confused. Normally the advice was more practical. Climate control is important, sure, but as far as I knew my system was fine. I have the local heating and cooling service send their best technicians twice a year, to go through and clean the air ducts and make sure all of the components are functioning properly. Last I knew, my HVAC system had a completely clean bill of health. Still though, I value the bee wisdom, so if a new climate control system was what they wanted me to get, then so be it! My new and exciting heating and cooling search began, first free afternoon I had. I went to my favorite HVAC supplier in the city and picked out the sleekest, most powerful system available. The old climate control system may still have been okay, but this new one is great! Thanks bees!

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New furnace and fire department

I knew getting into it that purchasing a new furnace was going to be a costly experience, but I didn’t expect it to be such an exciting one! And not exciting in the good way but really it was no one’s fault and in the end not a big deal. Where to begin – well, there was the new furnace. I was having a lot of renovations done to my home to get the building up to date on some of the more modern home amenities and decided to have the entire old HVAC system replaced. This included getting a new AC and furnace which ended up being two separate units rather than one combined HVAC unit. The air conditioner installation went by without any problems and even included a free ductwork cleaning service to make sure everything was in top shape. With the furnace, however, a problem arose. The HVAC technician was very professional about the entire installation and kept me updated on their progress, which I really appreciated. I don’t know much about heating and air conditioning myself but it was nice that he tried to explain everything in a way I could understand. Of course, it still went over my head for the most part, but that’s beside the point! Anyways, the installation itself went without a hitch. It wasn’t until the new furnace was turned on for the first time that we were in for a surprise – some oil from the furnace began to burn, setting off my smoke alarms! My smoke alarm automatically called the fire department, despite there being no real danger, and before long a fire truck was outside my house checking in on the emergency! Thankfully the HVAC technician had stuck around and explained to the firemen what the situation was, and the day ended with me having my brand new furnace in place.


Postponing move for HVAC

Once I hit the age of eighteen, I was determined to claim my independence. I already had a job with a steady income, even if it was just in retail, and I found a nice place that was actually in walking distance of my workplace and only a half hour drive from where my parents lived. It was within my budget and I was really excited to get settled in! However the landlord did inform me that the air conditioning was in need of some repairs and the HVAC maintenance appointment he had scheduled with the HVAC company that took care of his properties wouldn’t be completed for two weeks. I had the opportunity to move in right away but, with it being summer, I talked it over with my parents and made the decision to stay at home a little longer while we waited for the HVAC repairs to be completed. Waiting on the HVAC system to be fixed gave me a little extra time to get my things in order and really plan out my budget for once I was moved into my new apartment. And another benefit to the wait is that the two week wait for the HVAC company put us into a new month, which allowed me to save a month of rent! I wouldn’t have been able to do that if the apartment had been ready right away without needing the HVAC maintenance. Living two weeks without AC in the summer wouldn’t have pleasant if I had moved in right away, but I could have done it if I needed it; I’m definitely glad I didn’t have to though! My parents were really understanding of the situation and were glad to have me at home for just a little while longer.


A lifelong commitment to clean air

Everyday you see some sort of protest on the news. It seems these days that people are either working for a cause or offended by something that they feel the need to protest. It really does seem depressing to watch it all on television, however, there are some causes that I feel need to be fought for. I’ve always felt that when it comes to people’s health and well-being is important for each of us to do our part to make the world a better place. I am sure most of you have heard of the Clean Air Act and many people work hard everyday in support of this issue.  Reducing the amount of carbon gases that are emitted into the air each day by Automobiles and factories is very important, but so is the air quality in our homes and businesses. This is one of the reasons that I work hard to instruct people on the importance of a quality HVAC system being installed in their homes and in the workplace. Many people experience health issues simply because they don’t have the air to breathe. As an HVAC salesman is my job to let people know how they can improve the systems they have or install new systems that will drastically improve their quality of life. I also try to remind them that things like air filter changes and clean ductwork can make a huge difference in the life of your HVAC system as well as the cleanliness of their homes and offices. I have worked in my field for nearly 20 years and have seen many changes in technology. With new computer monitor systems you can now regulate the quality of the air you breathe as simply as you can sign on to your phone. There’s really no excuse anymore for not having healthy air.


Ocean living in the winter

I grew up in a fishing town in the Northeast so I am used to the harsh winters. We experience everything from snow and ice, to extremely windy conditions, and you just get used to bundling up to keep from freezing. Trust me when I say, that gale force winds in the middle of winter can literally chill you to the bone. Even though we deal with first conditions  I don’t mind because I love the town that I grew up in and the people in it. One of the things that we rely heavily on is our HVAC systems in our homes to make living tolerable during the season. After all, so long as you have a warm place to sleep and come home to at the end of the day you can tolerate this about anything. This past winter I had an experience that I never want to have again, because I came home and my HVAC system wasn’t working. At first I panicked because I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get someone out to fix it before my pipes burst, but when I made the phone call by dealer said that they could have a technician to my place within the hour. The wind’s coming from the ocean that day words truly cares and so I couldn’t wait to have my system working again. The technician was great when they arrived and they were able to diagnose the problem rather quickly. Apparently, the salt air had corroded part of the coils on the outside unit and they had to be cleaned off and repaired. Once this was complete he was able to change out the filters and get the system running again. This was a good thing because the house had already dropped 60 degrees and I didn’t want it to get any colder.

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Hurricanes and HVAC Techs

It seemed that my area of the country was just getting pummelled with storm after storm this season. I lived in a section of the nation where we saw a lot of hurricanes every year. Luckily, they weren’t that bad most of the time. This year we got rattled slightly more than usual, but it was nothing that couldn’t be handled. I am an HVAC technician by profession, so I saw a lot of repair work so far this season. After the first storm hit us a few weeks ago, I must have had about 40 HVAC system repair calls for the first two weeks after! I was called out to fix everything from broken thermostats, faulty furnaces, stubborn air conditioners, and cracked ductwork. Money was not going to be an issue for me for quite a while. It was sad to see so many people have to shell out money for HVAC system repairs, but it’s to be expected when you live in the path of regular hurricanes. Luckily, not too many people were hurt during the storm. HVAC system repairs could be a major pain, but at least it’s something to easily recover from! I looked at my profession as an HVAC technician as a sort of calling. I was good at ot, and it was a way to help people and make money at the same time. Hopefully the next storm will not be bad. I’ll be ready for it with my HVAC system expertise if needed though! I thankfully had a few days off this week to prepare just in case.

HVAC repair

Filing in the Cold

I had a big task ahead of me last weekend. I am not the most organized person in the world, and my lack of skills in this area ended up costing me a lot of money. Once I regrouped and got my head back on straight after much financial wrangling, I decided to go through every bit of paperwork in my possession. I needed to get organized. As I sat there going through ancient papers, I came across the warranty for my HVAC system. My eyes brightened up immediately. My furnace had just stopped working the day before, and I couldn’t afford any kind of HVAC system repair. According to this HVAC system warranty, however, my heating and cooling system was still under guarantee! I must have yelled out in joy so loudly that my neighbors could hear me. I jumped up from my seat to call the HVAC business that supplied the original service. After I gave the owner all of my information, I was happily informed that I was still covered by the warranty. As we discussed the issue with my furnace, he informed me that an HVAC technician could be there as early as the following Monday. I happily agreed and continued on with my day. It took me a few more hours of filing, but I finally got my papers organized. It was still freezing cold because of the lack of a working furnace, but that problem would be solved very soon! Monday rolled around, the HVAC technician showed up, and my furnace was fixed for free!

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Hotel radiant flooring system

I had to go to a last-minute conference for work. The event will keep us away for an entire week, so of course, I wasn’t at all thrilled about it! I had just recently returned from a prior conference, and I hadn’t even been to my apartment for 7 straight days yet and those youngsters of mine are missing me like crazy, as well as my husband and I wanted some alone time. I did request a replacement, however, as the Director of Marketing, it is my job to speak at these type of events.  Since I wasn’t happy about the travelling, my office put me up in a  nice hotel, since I complained so much about being away. It was a beautiful four Diamond hotel, right in the heart of the city. I received an upgraded suite, which had some pretty nice amenities. On top of the separate family room area, there was a master suite and master bathroom fit for a king. The tiled bathroom had a huge stall shower as well as it was fitted with a giant tub with wonderful spa jets. I almost took two baths a day, it felt so good. One of the more modern aspects of this beautiful washroom was the hydronic heating. There wasn’t one floor that did not have hydronic heating, and I used a small dial to control the temperature of the heat. I would simply adjust the dial, to feel the warmth in the washroom from the floor up. I felt something like a king in this suite, especially with the lavish features. Upon my return, I soon began talking to my husband about getting our own hydronic flooring. Fortunately, I got a big bonus check that quarter, so the two of us used the money to remodel our washroom. The master bath got hydronic flooring as well as a beautiful, new marble shower. My husband and kids were thrilled at the upgrades and also happy to have me home for more than a day at a time!

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